6 New Immunity-Boosting Infused Water Ideas for Winter via Hello Glow

Boost Your Immune System

Via Hello Glow 

1. Lower blood pressure, support immune function, increase blood flow to the brain: Pear + Raspberry + Rosemary

2. Regulate blood sugar, boost skin, antioxidants: Pomegranate Seeds + Persimmon + Orange + Cinnamon Stick + Allspice Berries

3. Balance pH, detoxification, boost metabolism: Blueberries + Lemon + Cucumber

4. Vitamin C boost, regulate blood sugar, calming: Orange + Vanilla Beans + Cinnamon Sticks

5. Detoxification, protect brain cells, lower bad cholesterol: Cranberries + Apple + Lemon + Orange Zest + Pomegranate Seeds

6. Energy, anti-inflammatory, improve digestion: Pear + Pomegranate Seeds + Cloves


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Pomegranate Water Infusions

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