Reusable Glass Water Bottle with Stainless Steel Infuser

I Quit Sugar!

"Leaf Bottle has helped me quit sugar! I fill the bottom with peppermint and lime before I go to work and just top up with water throughout the day. No more sugar cravings." 

Cate, Sydney

Lots of Fun

"I'm having a lot of fun coming up with new water infusion ideas. They taste delicious and Leaf Bottle has me drinking more water."

Margaret, Adelaide

Great Quality

"I'm impressed with the quality. Sturdy bottle and lovely design. Has me drinking more water already. "

Alex, Melbourne

Healthier Already

"I bought this for my father who has diabetes. He craves sugary drinks all the time. He adds lemon to his Leaf Bottle and loves it. He isn't drinking sugary drinks anymore and has even lost weight! Very pleased."

Jill, Melbourne

Create and Hydrate

Water Infusion Recipes

Leaf Bottle

Enjoy water (like Frank!)

Leaf Bottle was born from a need to have a (non-plastic) water bottle solution with a difference. While doing a detox and fitness program, creators Olivia and Jay were expected to drink 4 litres of water a day (yikes!). Their palettes were uninspired and they found that drinking that much water was boring. After using Leaf Bottle (with the endless opportunities for healthy water infusions) drinking water became fun and delicious, and it even helped with sugar cravings! 

Leaf Bottle is a reusable water infuser container - by reducing the single-use plastic polluting our oceans you can feel good while doing good.

Based in Melbourne, Australia. Shipping worldwide.

Leaf Bottle Water Infusion Recipes


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